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Painful Was Her Past

This poem was based  upon my friend who had gotten raped by her father. She was hurt altogether and in the end her faith gave me the inspiration to write this poem. I hope you enjoy it because everything that is contained in this poem is true.

Innocent and young, she was only a child.
Exploring her world, she was wide-eyed and wild.
She was trusting and faithful, and always outgoing.
There were trials ahead, but she lived without knowing.

Her father told the little girl, that what he does cannot be known,
For if she tells, he will make sure she will always be alone.
He tells her that no one can love her, and she had to do what he commands.
He makes threats to her life, so in fear, she obeys the demands.
Soon she had learned, and her spirit became broken.
By pressure she obeyed, and he said not a word could be spoken.


No longer innocent and young, she grew up way too fast.
Her spirit had been broken for painful was her past.
Nightmares overcame her dreams; even gentle touches startled her.
She would always looks over her shoulder, worrying it might again occur.

So tired she had become, and no longer could she trust.
Reflecting at her own life, she made faces in disgust.
Although it wasn't her fault, she can't see it that way.
She can't move beyond her past, and decides here she cannot stay.


She couldn't forget, the years of pain he inflicted.
The suffering he had caused, and the hurt could only be predicted.
But she's the only who knows, who knows how painful it is.
So she took her own life, but wished it were instead, his.

She believed the lies he told her, that she was worthless and unloved.
Her fear was so great; she never really saw that she was beloved.
No longer innocent and young, she grew up way too fast.
Her spirit had been broken and painful was her past.



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