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Dolley Madison Biography

Dolly Madison is a well-known woman in the United States of America. She is most known for her sociality and her elegant fashions. If you do not know who this beautiful lady is, continue reading to learn about the many things that she was known for.




      Dolly Madison is most known because she was married to Former President James Madison, which made her the First lady. Her real name was Dorothy or Dorothea Payne. But she preferred that everyone call her Dolly. Dolly Madison was born on May 20, 1768 in Guilford County, North Carolina. She was born to the Quaker parents and she had no type of education. When she grew older, she married and had two sons. But her loving husband and one of her sons had died. Dolly knew that this tragic incident would never let her have a happy life until she met James Madison who was a senator at the time.


       Later they got married and Dolly became the First Lady when James Madison became president. But this elegant lady was known for her sociality and her kindness. She welcomed everyone at the white house. She was known as a social person because every time James Madison made a public mistake, she would always fix it for him. Even though James and Dolly's marriage was childless, they had one of the happiest marriages. But the main reason that Mrs. Madison is famous for is because of what she did at the burning of the white house. During the War of 1812, the British army decided to burn down the white house. At that moment while Dolly was in there, she grabbed all of the important documents and the famous portrait of George Washington. This was an honorable act because instead of worrying about herself, she wanted to save something that was also valuable. This is what made Dolly so famous. Everyone respects her for her courageous act and she will always be remembered.


      In conclusion, Dolly Madison is famous and important because of her personality and her courage. No one in their right mind would rush to grab a portrait of someone, if they found out that the place that they was in, was on fire. Besides this courageous act, she was famous for her fashions. Everyone referred to her as the Queen because of her elegant style. In our society today, she will always be the First Lady that will always be respected and honored. She may have died in Washington on July 12, 1948, but her courageous spirit still lives on.

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