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How To Succeed In School

     Many children wonder why they fail their classes continuously, each quarter in school. I had also wondered the same thing, until I learned a few basic steps to lead me to a passing grade and a wonderful year. To learn these five steps that are not that difficult, read on.


      The first step, which most teachers add as a rule is, come prepared. In my own opinion, I do not like asking my fellow classmates for something to write with or something to write on. But anyways, we should always come prepared because that is one thing teachers expect us to do. It is our job to do so, because it doesn’t make any sense coming to school without the materials that you need.


      Second, always give respect to everyone. This is important especially to teachers, because they think of it as an honorable thing. When you respect your teachers, they also give you respect in return. But you should always give respect to everyone else like your classmates too. When you respect them, they will be kind to you and you don’t have to worry about them gossiping about you. Usually gossiping hurts people and they start not paying attention in class. But anyways, if you give respect to others, they will be kind to you and you don’t have to worry about getting into any fights or anything.


      The third step is not to follow the crowd, or other people that will decrease your grade. When you follow other people, they can sometimes lead you astray. When you see what your friends do, you might start to do the same thing, because everyone thinks it is cool. After you start doing what your friends do, it eventually begins to affect your grade. Your grade will dramatically decrease once you start doing the wrong thing. But if you don’t follow the crowd, then your grade will be the grade you deserve.


      The fourth step is to always study early when you know you have a test. By studying early you don’t have to stay up all night, the night before it would be taken. When you study the night before, everything you went over is not as good enough as when you study earlier. By rushing to study, everything doesn’t get down pact in your brain. You have to review it over and over to really know it. It is important to study because when you study for a test, you have a better chance at passing it. Tests or quizzes are huge factors in your grade. Some teachers take all your tests scores, find the average, and then use it as your grade for the marking period. Everyone should make sure that they pass their tests honestly. I say honestly because many people cheat on their tests to get a great grade. You should always take your tests or quizzes honestly because you learn from your mistakes and you would eventually learn from it.


      The last and final step of how to succeed in school is, to always complete assigned assignments. Assigned assignments include class work, homework, and projects. When you complete all of your assignments, your grade will always be good unless your test grades are low. Most of the time assignments are one third of your grade. Usually, tests, assignments, and participation make up your grade.  Assignments are one of the major things everyone needs, to get a good grade. When you complete all of your assignments, you should expect a good grade from your teachers.


      In conclusion, these are five basic steps that will make you succeed in school. I guarantee you that you will succeed in school if you complete all of these steps. Once you follow these rules, others may see you as a role model. But remember, your grade is the something that you earn and deserve, so earn your grade honestly.

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