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Have You Ever.....

This poem is based upon past experiences and my friend's past expereinces, when they were really hurt by different people. This peom is also inspired by Brandy's song "Have You Ever ?" But it's like the poem version. Hope you enjoy it because it will really have you thinking.

Have you ever had that feeling, like you didn't know what to do?

Have you ever felt like people, found pleasure in hurting you?

Have you ever in your life, felt verbally abused?

Have you ever in your life, felt completely used?

Have you ever loved someone so much, it hurt to say goodbye?

Have you ever found something out, that made you want to cry?

Have you ever loved someone, and then they broke your heart?

Have you ever felt so depressed; it felt like your life was falling apart?

Have you ever been called a name, and wondered if it was true?

Have you ever wondered why, no one seems to love you?


Have you ever wondered why people act like you aren't there?


Have you ever thought about your mistakes and wanted to shed a tear?


Have you ever felt like you just wanted to die?


Have you ever thought that your best friend was telling you a lie?


Have you ever wished that you were never born?


Have you ever had that feeling that that your heart was just torn?


Have you ever felt so happy, that tears filled your eyes?


Have you ever lied to someone and they found out you were telling lies?


Well, the important thing is not have you ever, but instead what will you do?


Will you go on with your life or make your feelings get the best of you?

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