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Once A Friend

This poem is actually about friends that were not true to you and betrayed you. But even though you may have been hurted by your "so-called" friend, it is best to keep your guard up and determine who your real friends are.

I felt like I couldn't go on.
I shut myself off from everyone.
I didn't want to feel the way I did that day.
I thought the pain would never go away.

The things that were said just tore me apart.
Like a knife penetrating my heart.
How could you speak such horrible things?
Do you know how much pain that brings?

You were supposed to be my friend.
You said, I'll be there to the end.
You put up a front, which hurt me too
because I thought I knew the real you.

Then, you let something take over you.
You then turned into something new.
Someone I didnt want to know,
for that only made the pain grow.

I left you alone, I just walked away.
For I knew there would be another day.
Someone, who would actually be there,
someone, who would really care.
But for now, your like a bad memory.
Something that I just can't get out of me.
For I thought you would be there straight to the end,
but you were just once a friend.

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