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Egyptian Life

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The early Egyptians, were people that were strong

I love their strength and power, thats why I sing this song

The Egyptians had good lives, for they would play games and eat

But if you offended their gods you would be begging at its feet

In ancient Egypt, there was a need

Some of the Egyptians wanted to be scribes, so they would be able to read

But the scribes were not the only ones that people would have liked to be

It was the mighty and powerful pharaoh, who came from the dynasty

The pharaoh had control over everything, like all the people and the land

The only thing pharaoh had to do, was stretch out his mighty hand      

But the Egyptians believed, that you still lived after you died

No one could prove this, even if they tried

But besides its religion, Egypt had a lot of money

Egypt had the nicest foods, maybe sweet as honey

The Egyptians were hardly ever in war

They were calm and peaceful, which makes me like them more

But not everything, was nice and peaceful there

They had slaves who were the Hebrews, but the Egyptians didnt care

But even though Egyptians were in a lot of strife

To be an Egyptian, meant having a joyous life

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