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Look Into My Life

This poem is one of my favorites because it is about me. So if you take the time to read it, you will learn a little about me and how my life is not so easy. But, just read it and I hope you like it.

Look into my life and what do you see?
A beautiful girl, fair as can be.
Her world is filled with strife and hate.
Yet she does not know, what is her fate.
She has a so-called family that is split apart.
A father that lives elsewhere and a mother in her heart.
She lives with her mother, aunt, and brother, in her apartment square.
Her father and sister live separately somewhere.

But besides her family, she has many friends.
Friends she thought would stay true to her till the end.
But now she doesn't know, who she can trust anymore.
So she lives unsure, because so many people have lied to her before.
She has been hurt mentally and emotionally by people she used to love.
Now the only one she depends on, is God from above.

She has been depressed, heartbroken, and used.
But besides that, she has been verbally abused.
Several people think she's coldhearted, ruthless, and mean.
But it's not her fault, because love she hasn't felt or seen.
Her attitude is mean and uncaring because of what she went through.
She was taken for granted when she was nice, so now she's heartless too!

For she gets mad quickly and offended very fast.
But if you're a trustworthy person, then her trust for you will last.
As she grows older each and everyday,
A better life is what she asks for, when she decides to pray.
It's not all about money, clothes, and the material things to her.
All she wants is to be loved like a normal teenager.

She use to cry every night just thinking about her life.
For as a child she grew up living in strife.
But now there's no point in crying anymore.
For she doesn't want to live as she did before.
She wants to live happy as many people are.
She wants to succeed in life and get very far.

For many people asks her why she walks with a frown.
Yet it's very obvious to see, that people have always let her down.
For several people doesn't know, how it is to be,
Brokenhearted and sad, and wishing to be happy.
So before you judge people, by looking at what you see.
Look into my life, because that heartbroken girl was me.

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