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Wanna Read A Few Things About Me? Read This!

Hello! My name is Shyanna, but people call me Shy, Shy-Shy,and ShawtyShyGurl. I am 13 years old and I attend school at M.S 53. I am also in the 8th grade. I am 5 feet and 2 inches, I am slim, my hair is black & brown and it reaches my shoulders, I am intelligent because I pass all my classes & exams, I am funny & like to entertain my friends, I try to never think negative things, I always hope the best for the future, I am friendly & not conceited, & I also like meeting new people.

My hobbies include reading, singing, dancing,listening to music, writing stories, talking on the phone, & surfing the internet. I also like to play double dutch. My short term goal is to attend 9th grade this year. My long term goal is to become a pediatrician or a nurse beause I am very good in the medical field. I am good in the medical field beause I always pass my health class & all of my medical exams.

I have alot of friends but I will only name a few. My friends include Nasheika, Mary, Sash, Stephanie, Shamise, & Pinky. I have numerous friends because I like to meet new people. I look for trustworthiness & honesty in a friend. I do not like gossipers, conceited people, and two faced people. I hope you enjoyed reading about me & I wish you the best!

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