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The Development Of Humanity


            Did you ever wonder what life was like before things were recorded? How was life before speech was developed and fire was discovered? Why was the use of tools important? To answer your questions, read on about the development of humanity.


            Fire is very important in our lives today. But what was it like before fire was discovered? In the Old Stone Age also known as the Paleolithic age, there were prehistoric people known as Neanderthals. Before, fire was discovered Neanderthals had to eat their food raw. If you imagine yourself eating raw meat it would gross you out. They couldn’t cook meat, like we do now. When wild animals came to attack them they would have to hide or use their tools to try to scare them away. When fire was discovered they didn’t have to hide or scare them off with their tools. All they did was light a torch and it would scare the wild animals away. With fire now their meat could be cooked so it wouldn’t be raw. The Neanderthals also could get light in the night so they could do more things. Fire made a whole new way of life for people and life was a whole lot easier.


            Speech is used all the time in our everyday lives. But before speech was invented we had to draw symbols or maybe use our hands to try to communicate with each other. Before fire was discovered the Neanderthals had a hard time understanding each other. All what came out of the their mouths was just sounds. They would sound like little babies trying to tell someone you need to use the bathroom but they cant understand you. Wouldn’t that be terrible? Without words we would have to draw symbols or use our hands to communicate. When fire was discovered the Neanderthals wanted a way to share their thoughts and feelings around the fire. So they made their own language so they would be able to communicate with each other. The Neanderthals life became much easier when they made their own language. The development of speech changed our lives forever.


           Ever wanted to know why the use of tools was so important in the Paleolithic Age. Without the use of tools fire wouldn’t have been discovered and speech wouldn’t be developed. The tools in the Stone Age were made of stone, sticks, or chipped pebbles. They made tools of stone so they would be able to hunt for animals and build things. They made tents by killing the animals with the stone tools and using their skin to make the tents. They also used the animal skin for clothing. Besides hunting and building their tools were also used to create fires. They figured out a way to rub two sticks together and create a fire. After they had killed the animals they had hunted they start the fire with the sticks then put the meat on the stick and finally cook it. Besides using tools to create fire it also helped speech get developed. If the tools went used to create fire then speech wouldn’t be developed at that period of time. I say that because when fire was discovered the Neanderthals decided to create a way that they would be able to communicate with each other. So around the fire they made a language so they could share their thoughts and experiences. The use of tools made our life easier because hen tools were invented a whole bunch of things were also.


            I think the most important of these is the use of tools. I say the use of tools because if the stone tools weren’t invented then fire wouldn’t be discovered. Then if fire weren’t discovered, then speech wouldn’t be developed yet at that period of time. They all add up together. They also made our lives a whole lot easier.



            In conclusion you should now know how our lives changed since fire was discovered speech was developed and why tools were used. You also know what my opinion is of which one is most important which is the use of tools. The development of humanity unfolds everyday.

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