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Hi! My name is Shyanna A.K.A ShawtyShyGurl, but I'm better known as Shy. Welcome to my website! You can play games, chat in the chatrooms, read cartoons & jokes, make greeting cards, and more. There are many things that you can do, all you have to do is take a look yourself and trust me, it will be worth it. You won't be bored and remember to tell everyone about my website. Holla!

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I wanna give a shout
out to all my true
Jamaicans out there.
Big Ups & One Love!!







One day you should go to the island Jamaica. The beach is so nice and the weather is always hot and warm.It is a pretty sight!

What's New????
  Hey guys I have recently just added some new things to my website since I have been on vacation. So take a look because I should have newer things on my site such as poems and games.

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    Homegirls: Mary, Bobbett, Danielle, Karinne, Debinka, Sash, Talia, Shantel, Janel, Stephanie, Felicia, Angie, Niyema, TIffany, Kiara, Ruby, Devinair, Edy, Domonique,etc.
     Homeboys: Darnyell(my brother), Nat, Jovon, Junior, Rasheen, Michael, Akil, Domonic, Maleik, Darnell, Trevor, Da, Day-Day, Wayne, Rell, Lamar, Carl, Dolla, Shaun, Sammy, Tristen,etc.

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