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About Me

This page is obviously about me and I wrote this so that you could get to know me a little. So go ahead and get to know me, Shyanna A.K.A Shy, for I'm that pretty light-skinned girl who reps "da rock" all da way!!!

    Well first of all I would like to re-introduce myself. My name is Shyanna and most people call me Shy. I am 15 years old and yes I made this website all by myself. Anyways, I live in Far Rockaway, NY which is in Queens, New York. I live with my mother, aunt, and my brother named Darnyell. We live together very happily in our home.
    Furthermore, I attend Far Rockaway High School and I am in the 10th grade. I have many teachers and my favorite subject is math because I like to figure out problems. My school is not so fun but my friends and I make the fun in "da rock".
    I have many friends that I showed on my home page but my closest friends are Mary, Bobbett, Debinka, Danielle, Talia, Karinne, and Michael. I have many other friends because I like to make new friends but as they say, too many friends get you in trouble.
    Besides this I am a nice person. I can be mean, but that's just my personality. I'm also very shy when I first meet you(that's where I get my nickname from and Shy is also short for Shyanna), but when I get to know you I open up a little. I'm quiet but when I get annoyed or upset, I show my other side of me which is not something many people like to see(because I do get it poppin'). I'm also the type of person who tries to do something that everyone couldn't do, because I like attention. For I'm a person who does the unexpected because I like to accomplish things that people think are impossible.Even though I used to run my mouth more than I was supposed too, I've learned to keep stuff to myself because that's how drama and conflicts arise. But nevertheless, I'm a cool person to be with and even though it may seem that I'm mean and heartless, I do care about people and their feelings. For once I get respect, I show and give respect.
    Furthermore, in the future I plan on attending college and becoming a nurse, a neanatal(a specialized person trained to take care of the newborns in the hospital), or a clerk. I would also like to be a computer analysist or technician because I love computers.
    But all in all, I have written this so you could get a little information about me. So that is just a little info. about me and I hope you read about me in the future when my autobiography comes out in stores(I wish). But I hope you have a good time exploring my website and tell everyone about it. Peace!! 

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