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The Development Of Humanity Part 2

      The development of humanity consists of many different subjects. Many people do not realize why the development of humanity is so important. Without some of the things in our human society, our world wouldn’t be as it is, today. In this essay, I will discuss with you three things that make up a part of the development of humanity. It includes the Code Of Hammurabi, the invention of papyrus, and the building of the pyramids. To learn about these fascinating subjects that was a part of forming humanity, continue reading.



      The first subject that I am going to discuss with you is, the Code of Hammurabi. Many people do not know what the Code of Hammurabi is and who Hammurabi was. I will tell you who Hammurabi was and the importance of his code. Hammurabi was the sixth king of the first Babylonian dynasty approximately 4,000 years ago. He was a man full of statues and many people feared him because of his harsh laws known as the Code of Hammurabi. This code contained laws concerning theft, escape and kidnapping of slaves, shepherds, farmers, and plenty more. These laws were very important in Babylon because if the people were able to live any way they wanted to, the whole city would have been in chaos. The Babylonians needed to know what to do if a predicament arose and they needed to know what not to do. Even though some of the laws included in the code, may have been ridiculous, they were for the Babylonians own benefit. The Code of Hammurabi was also important because the kings after King Hammurabi would already have a set of laws needed to rule their kingdom. The most popular law in the Code of Hammurabi is, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. This basically means that if you do something wrong to someone, then whatever you did to him or her would be done to you. I think this law is a fair law; because the people could have learned that you should do unto others as you would like them do unto you. But anyways, the code was set up out in the public, so the people could see the laws for themselves and not just hear it from someone.  By setting the code of laws out in the public of Babylon, the people would have no excuse for their crime that they committed. But another reason that King Hammurabi set the laws publicly was to prove that he was not trying to control or manipulate the people for his own purposes. Anyways, the Code of Hammurabi taught the generations after the first Babylonian Dynasty to make laws to govern the people. That is why it is so important. It was the first organized set of laws, and the generations after the first Babylonian Dynasty taught them to create a set of laws to make sure their kingdom was in order and not in chaos. In our society today, we believe that from the generations of Babylon, we have learned to create laws for our countries. Now as nations today, we have learned to make laws to govern our people.



      The second subject I am going to talk about is the invention of Papyrus. Papyrus is the word that we now call paper. It originated from Egypt. Papyrus is a reed or plant that grows on the banks of the Nile River. Some decades ago in ancient Egypt, papyrus was used in many ways. This plant was used to build houses, boats, and many others, but mainly paper.  It was a mighty long process to make it, but it was important to the Egyptians. In Egypt, the Egyptians needed something to record their religious events and many other important events. When they discovered how to turn the papyrus plants into paper, they were very happy and excited. But Egypt wasn’t the only one who used it. They may have been the first ones to discover it, but the Greeks used it also, to record important things. A new evolution in our world began when papyrus was used to make paper.  The invention of papyrus made our world get one step closer to what our world is today.  The invention of papyrus led the way to the invention of parchment and then to modern paper. From the invention of papyrus, we have learned where paper was originated. Even though papyrus paper is rarely used in our society today, we can still know that, because of the invention of papyrus in ancient Egypt, our world may have not been as it is today.



      The last and final subject that I am gong to discuss with you is, the building of the pyramids. The pyramids in Egypt are very popular. The pyramids are very important to scientists in the present day because they show records of how ancient Egyptians lived. Anyways, a pyramid is a large tomb, uniquely structured for the pharaoh when he was no longer alive. From a front view it basically looks like a triangle. But inside the pyramids held great mysteries. The purpose of building the pyramids was to make a home for the pharaohs after life. The Egyptians believed that when the pharaoh died, their spirit joined their gods in the under world. So they made sure that the pharaoh would have a nice pleasureful home, which was its pyramid. Besides the pharaohs body, the pyramid contained the pharaohs treasures, a temple, and records of the pharaohs accomplishments. You might say, why is this important in the development of humanity. This is important because the pyramids taught us about the lifestyles of ancient Egyptians. The pyramids also gave us an idea of how to bury someone, when they eventually died. In our world today, when someone dies, we do not build pyramids to bury them in. Instead we bury them in a grave. But like the Egyptians, many people write the persons accomplishments on their tombstone. This idea, originated from ancient Egypt. The era of building pyramids lasted until the Ptolemaic period. But the strongest period of pyramids was from the third until the end of the sixth dynasties. This was a period, beginning from about 2770 BCE and lasting for about 350 years. The pyramids showed power and strength just like the sphinx, which was used for the burial of the pharaohs and his family. Even though pyramids may have not lasted long because of grave robbers, they still made up a part of the development of humanity.



      In conclusion, the Code of Hammurabi, the invention of papyrus, and the building of pyramids are all apart of the development of humanity.  The Code of Hammurabi was the first organized set of laws in our world that showed us how to govern a nation. The invention of papyrus is very important because papyrus is now what we call paper. Papyrus was important to the Egyptians because they needed something to record important events that occurred. The building of pyramids gave us an idea how the Egyptians lived and showed great strength and power. All of these things are important because without these things, our world might not be as it is in the present day. It may not seem that important and special to you or anyone else but because of them, our human society is what it is today.

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