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Bravery is a very rare word used in our days. You might say everyone has something or someone to fear. But really, you don’t have to fear anything. Read on to find out what bravery is and why being brave is important.



       Bravery is a word used international, even though not many people know what it means. Bravery means the quality or state of being brave or courageous. The root word also means courageous or not fearful. The opposite of bravery, like we should all know is fearfulness. Bravery is a noun, unlike its root word brave, which is an adjective. People are afraid of things that they think can harm them. Other people are only fearful of little things. The major things that people fear are animals, sickness, or people. Animals that people fear are like snakes, large dogs, cats, and etc. Besides animals, people (adults and children) are afraid of sickness or natural causes. Some people are scared of dying which I think is really nonsense. Everyone has to die sooner or later because people die everyday. Now that we know the major things that people fear, we should also know the minor things. The minor things that people fear are things like heights or darkness. People fear heights because they believe that if something happens to them from a very high place then they will no longer be able to live. In addition to heights children, rarely adults fear darkness. At night some children are afraid to sleep in their own room by their selves. But not only do children fear darkness, adults do also. No one should fear anything or anyone because that does us no good. Everyone should learn to be brave.


       When we are brave, some people might reward you. Everyone should be brave because it takes away your fears permanently. When we fear something, it makes matters worse. Some adults still have their fears that they had from a child. When we learn to be brave like Rosa parks was on the Montgomery bus, then our fears will vanish. We have to learn to stand up to our fears in the face so they will never bother us again. When you finally stand up to the thing or who you are afraid of, then you will no longer be afraid of it again.


       In conclusion, bravery is a rare but internationally known word. Many people fear things or people, which is the opposite of brave. Everyone must stand up to their fears if they want them to vanish forever. When we get rid of our fears, then that is the first step to bravery.

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