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Ever had a bad feeling or good feeling? A feeling is a common word used internationally. Many people have heard of the word feeling, but they do not know what it means. Everyone has feelings, even though they might not know it. To learn more about this common word feeling, continue reading.          




     The first thing you might want to ask is, what is a feeling and how does it relate to me? That is a brilliant question because many people ask the same thing. There are two types of feelings. One meaning of the word feeling is an emotional state or reaction. For example, Cindy was sober because her best friend had moved away. The other meaning of feeling is the sensations of touch. For example, When Carl fell, he felt much pain. Feeling is an important word because people use it every day. Everyone has feelings or everyone feels things. It doesn’t matter who they are. People and animals have feelings too. For instance, you might hear a dog crying loudly and you or anyone else might think that the dog is just making noise. But deep inside, the dog has feelings.


     A feeling is a mighty strong word that people take lightly. The rude things that people say sometimes hurt some peoples feelings easily. Several people have sad feelings because of the appalling things that occur. For instance, if some thing dreadful happens to someone in your family, then you might get emotional. These things happen to people every single day. Many people contain happy feelings, which most people are fond of. Like if someone has just received a million dollars, then they would rejoice. The synonyms of feelings are affection and emotion. They basically mean the same thing, which is a reaction or the state of feeling. I have feelings just like you do also. One day I might feel sad or mad because I failed a test. Another day, I might feel happy and cheerful because I might have passed a test or learned something new. Many people hide their feelings, because they are afraid of what people might say. I do not think that people should hide their feelings because everyone has feelings. So don’t feel bad, when you’re made fun of because your feelings or emotions show. We are all humans, and all humans have feelings.


     In conclusion, you should now know what feelings are. Feelings are reactions, emotions, or sensations of touch. Everyone has feelings including people and animals. We might have joyful feelings or heartbreaking feelings, but we are all humans. We should not be ashamed because our emotions show, but instead we should be proud of our feelings because everyone has them including you and me.

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