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      Many people have not heard of the people Hebrews or do not know who they are. The Hebrews were among the many people that lived and occupied the Fertile Crescent. Over the years, they developed a lot of ideas, which includes their traditions. In this report about the rare Hebrews, I will explain to you their religion, their lands, and their traditions.


      The Hebrews were an enemy of mostly everyone like the Philistines, Assyrians, and more. The Hebrews were also a descendant of Noah, from one of his 3 sons. The father of the Hebrews was Shem, which was basically the son of Noah. They have many different names like the Israelites and now Jews. They are one of the Mesopotamian people that were also nomads, which are people that move from place to place. The Hebrews lived in a place called Ur until about 2000 B.C. Later the Hebrews migrated to Canaan, now called Palestine with their herd and flocks. Then a famine hit Canaan and again they had to migrate, but to Egypt. At Egypt, the Egyptians enslaved them and they had no choice, but to do what they had commanded. Soon enough, the Hebrews escaped and they moved to Canaan, claiming the land for themselves. Soon after some centuries or so in 1000 B.C, the Hebrew tribes were united into one single nation. Almost 2,000 years ago, the Hebrew who are now called Jews, were forced to move out of Palestine. This scattering of the Jews sent them to reside in many different parts of the world.  But even though they do not reside in their homeland, the Jewish people live close together in small communities. The Jewish people still practice their religious laws and traditions, which makes them different or apart from other people. Even though they are not required to practice their religious laws and traditions, it means a lot to them because it helped them to survive in the years when they were persecuted. 


      The Hebrew people only believed in one God. Their God is called Jehovah, Yahweh, and many others. They believe that he is an all- powerful God that is always around them. They would pray to Jehovah or the God of many names that they called him. They would ask him to protect them from their enemies and to bless them with plentiful gifts.


As we should all know every nation has traditions or laws. These laws were very important and if any Hebrew did not obey them, they would pay severe punishments, mostly death. Some of the laws were religious, like the law that states that all male children have to be circumcised. While others were laws that were based on King Hammurabi's code of laws. They usually included the law eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. But even though, Hebrew people are now in a later century, they still respect and practice their laws and traditions.


      In conclusion, Hebrew people are now known a Jews. They are a descendant of Shem, who is the son of Noah. Jewish people serve a God that makes them different from other people. Even though they reside in different areas of the world, the still practice their religion and laws.  The Hebrews were once a separated nation, but now they are together and united.

This is Israel/

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