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King David


       King David was a devoted man of God. From a little shepherd boy, he became a king that was loved and hated by many. He was known as a man who loved his enemies and would never rise up against anyone who wanted to murder him. To learn about this great king of Israel, continue reading.


      David’s birth date is unknown. Many people say that he was born before 970 B.C. David was the eighth and the youngest son of the man Jesse from the tribe of Judah. He was also a descendant of Ruth the Moabite. As a child, David was a shepherd in the little town of Israel, Bethlehem.  He would care for his father’s sheep and protect them. If any beast came to attack or devour his father’s sheep, David would use his slingshot and kill it. One day while in a pasture tending his father’s sheep, the prophet Samuel anointed him as king while pouring oil on his head. David was anointed king because the temporary king, Saul, would always disobey God. But besides his job as a shepherd, he was very talented at playing the musical instrument, the harp. David’s talent was used one day when Saul felt that an evil spirit was bothering him. David’s music pleased King Saul, so Saul kept him in his service to play music for him. But besides his skill for tending sheep and his talent as a musician, he also contained courage. He is well known for killing he philistine giant, Goliath of Goth. After doing this extraordinary act, King Saul placed him as commander over the army of Israel. This was a highly great position. But David was so successful in battle that Saul became jealous and tried to murder him. David had many chances to kill Saul but he said he would never raise his hand against Gods anointed. Soon enough, King Saul and his son, Jonathon (a loved friend of David) was killed in a battle against the philistines. David was very sober and mourned deeply. After this, David became king. David and his men of 600 then captured the city, Jerusalem, and he became king over it and all Israel. But besides all of David’s victories and accomplishments, he had many weaknesses and downfalls. He had committed a very bad crime by killing a man and taking his wife, while God had blessed him with anything he desired. Because of this terrible crime that King David committed, God said that trouble would never leave his household. This crime resulted in the death of his two sons, Amnon and Absalom, and the rape of his daughter, Tamar. Eventually, King David grew old and had to stop fighting. David constantly felt cold and could not get warm. At this point, Adonijah, David’s oldest son declared his self, king. However, David had promised his wife, Bathsheba that her son, Solomon would be king after him. So, he told the prophets to go out in the streets and anoint Solomon to be the next king. He wanted everyone to see. David’s last words were for his son Solomon the new king. He told him to always follow God, obey him, and to repay everyone with kindness, even if they did him wrong. One of David’s accomplishments was the book that he wrote, included in the bible. It is the book of Psalms. It is a book that included words from his heart and words from God. King David died after 40 years as king in Israel. Loved and hated by many, he was buried in Jerusalem, which is called the City of David.


      In conclusion, King David was a well-known king. When people rose up against him, he repaid them with kindness. He wrote the book of Psalms and he was a very talented musician. As a child he showed forth courage by killing the giant, Goliath. King David will always be remembered because of his courage, accomplishments, and his talents. He was a role model to everyone because we can learn from him to repay evil with good.

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