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This is not an essay about persuasiveness; instead this is a story about it. You can just read it for fun. So go ahead and enjoy.





      It was the 24th day of December, which is in other words Christmas Eve. I awoke to see my graceful mother with a plate of food, which was my breakfast. Last night, my garrulous sister who is 17 years old, was trying to persuade my loving mother, to purchase a puppy for my Christmas present. She said I would finally have someone to share my feelings with seeing that I don’t have any younger siblings. But, I extremely dislike dogs. I desire a small pet like a hamster, which I could hold anytime I want. I adore pets that are not able to run away from me, so I could share with them all of my feelings. But anyways, when my mother handed me my breakfast, she told me that she was going to purchase a dog for me.


      As I went into the bathroom, tears filled my eyes. Her words were like a sword that pierced my heart. When I took my shower and then got dressed, my mother and I immediately went to the pet store. At the store, my tender mother waved her hand to the store worker so he could come over. She must have said something to him, for him to bring over a hamster. Suddenly, I got excited and my mother then said to me a hamster can easily get lost because of its size. The store worker also brought a puppy. My mother without delay turned to me, smiled, and then said to me a puppy can also be held, but will always be my companion. She was trying to persuade me again, but I was still resisting. When I began to touch the hamster, she started to bribe me. What did it matter if I had a hamster? I didn’t see anything different with the exception of its size.


       My mother then held me in her arms; embracing me, and told me that she would get me the new video game system I wanted, if I got the puppy. At that moment when she said that, my heart leaped for joy and I took the incredible offer. When I took the new puppy home, I was cheerful I had it. When I took the puppy from its cage, it instantaneously ran to me. This pet would be my new friend forever. When I was holding it, my mother then asked me the question what will be its name? I couldn’t of think one, but my mother wanted me to name it, Jewel. I didn’t like the name Jewel, so I replied with the answer no. Just at the moment, my dear mother was trying to persuade me in naming it, Jewel.


       The next thing that occurred which you might have guessed was, she began to bribe me. Why did all of this matter to her? Instantly, I ran to my bedroom with my new puppy and locked my room door. My tricky mother wasn’t going to persuade me this time, with her enticement. For my puppy’s name had to be unique. She would be with me for the rest of my life. When I was about to fall asleep, I named her Sunshine. She would always be there to brighten my days when I was gloomy, for she was worth more than any jewel on this earth. Sunshine was better than any large amounts of money. She would be my best friend perpetually.

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