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       Poverty is a very important subject in our world today. Many people face poverty everyday like those in the poor countries of America. A lot of people do not pay attention to the importance of the word because they believe that it does not relate to them. But in fact it relates to everyone. If you don’t know what poverty is, then just read on and you will find out how important it is.


       You may have heard the news update or your friend mention the word poverty before. Poverty means neediness, poor, or one who lacks an amount of money or material possessions. If you still don’t have a clue of what poverty is then take this for an example. A homeless man for instance always needs money or they need a house to sleep at. This homeless man lives in poverty because he is poor and he lacks the amount of money and doesn’t have a house or material possession. You may not take this as a big deal but you never know when you might end up in poverty. Many people, who reside in poor countries, definitely live in poverty. Africa is the main continent where people starve to death just because they lack amounts of money and material possession. If you and I were supposedly to spend a say in Africa with no money, house, shoes, or etc. we would probably go insane. It is not fair to people in poverty to see someone with a nice house when they are homeless. Imagine how they would feel. Children die everyday because they have no shelter from the rain or the snow. I think we, the people who are not in poverty should help those in poverty. This would make our world a better place to live at. If we help those who need help then everyone would be more polite.


       In conclusion, now you should know what poverty is. Everyone should take time to think about people who live in poverty. If we help those who live in poverty then most of them will not die. This will increase the population of our Earth. So, always remember those in poverty, because we all need someone to lean on in this world.   

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