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Virginia Hamilton



    My favorite writer is Virginia Hamilton. She is such a great writer that her books make me want to read more. But, before I tell you about how Virginia Hamilton is such an inspiration to me, let me tell you a little about her.


       Virginia Hamilton grew up on a twelve-acre truck farm near Yellow Springs, Ohio in the 1940s. Virginia was named after her grandfather's home state. Her major influence during her childhood years was her parents. Virginias own parents were storytellers. She would always listen to the stories that her parents told. The stories were always fascinating. But as Virginia Hamilton grew older, she was inspired to write books. She has written more than thirty children’s books, novels about teenagers, biographies of historical figures, and more. Some of the books she has wrote are Zeely, The House of Dries Drear, The Planet of Junior Brown, Justice and Her Brothers, M.C Higgins The Great, The Gathering, and many more. However, the most inspiring place for her to write her books is on the old farm where she now lives with her husband and two children. Virginia Hamilton has received many awards throughout her lifetime for writing books. Two of them are The National Book Award and the Coretta Scott King award. Her writing has made a difference in hundreds of people.


       In my own opinion, I think Virginia Hamilton writes her books beautifully. In her books, she expresses the characters feelings as though it were her own. I think she should be proud of all the books she has written. She creates the characters with nice descriptions that make them stand out. She also creates their feelings understandable. She makes the characters seem interesting to read about. Apart from the characters Virginia Hamilton creates, I would like to tell you my opinion on the language she uses. Virginia Hamilton uses the setting of the story to create the language for the story. For example, if the story takes place down in the south, then she might use country language. Or if the setting is up north in the city she might use business talk or slang for the boys who hang around the street. You never know what she may use next because she is a writer that is full of surprises.


       In conclusion, my favorite writer is Virginia Hamilton. I love the way she writes her books and how she uses the setting of the story to create the language. Every time I read one of her books, I want to read them continuously because of the way she writes it. I would recommend that everyone read her books because her books place you in a setting that you wouldn’t want to get out of. But this is the most important reason that Virginia Hamilton succeeded in her job as a writer because of her beliefs. She believed that if you can dream it, then you could have it. If you believe this, then your dreams may start to unfold.   

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