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This poem called "Love" explains what love is and how it works and operates. Even though you may have not expereinced love before, somone out there loves you. So just remember this quote:
     "To the world you may be someone, but to someone you
    may be the world."

Red Beating Heart

Love is a word that can be mentioned any day


For I think love has a lot to say


You can love someone as from the heart


Love at first sight, just from the start


Love is something that comes and goes away


What is true love? Sweet as honey you might say


It can be in a relationship, friendship, or even some fun


But if love is real serious, then something has to be done


                But love can also hurt and pierce through your heart


So what is love? You may have asked, just from the start


Love is an emotion or affection for someone


Love is like a blanket warm as the sun


But sometimes love doesn't last forever


 It is gone with, it is done


It can twinkle at night like the stars above


But, now you know, what is true love

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